Unified information Systems




Unified Information Systems Service Catalogue include:-


  • Web-Based Database Programming
  • Knowledge and Document Management Solution
  • Collaborative Workflow and Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Network Application Management
  • Web Application Development and Implementation
  • Enterprise, Mobility and Wireless Solutions
  • ERP & CRM Solution Implementation
  • Custom Development
  • Intranet & Extranet Development
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • I-Census Application Development.
  • Economic Survey Application Development
  • Consumer Price Index Application development
  • End-to-end Paperless and mobile survey and census solution
  • Optical Mark Recognition solutions
  • Intelligent School Curriculum Application Development using Android & IPAD
  • Convert hard copy drawings and maps to digital copies.
  • Consultation in Geometrics and Information Systems
  • Analysis, Design and Development of GIS
  • Database Design and Setup
  • Design, Development and Marketing of Geometrics Application Software
  • Web-Based GIS Implementation
  • Transfer of Geometrics components and knowledge
  • Spatial Data Development and data sale



Web-Based Database Programming

When your business grows it needs a huge amount of data and information need to be stored and retrieved therefore you need systematic management and maintenance of your data. You need database in order to accomplish this task because database service in business information management, as it make possible data to be stored and retrieved whenever and wherever you need. Effective business management needs the effective use of database.

Unified Information Systems provides you with proficient and scalable solutions of web-based applications according to your business specific requirements. We have mastery in using databases like MySQL, DB2, MSSQL and MS Access.

Unified Information Systems is a professional Web-Based Database Programming consulting company. We have rich experience of web-based database programming in field. We offer cost-effective solutions for web-based database programming.

Database experts at Unified Information Systems follow a systematic approach for your web-based database programming.


  • We conduct a thorough research for your business specific needs to determine required application capabilities.
  • We plan solution architecture according to your needs. Based on types of data, web-based database programming experts at Unified Information Systems work out the DB logical schemas, relationships between DB entities and modules to ensure the DB reliability and enhanced performance.
  • We conduct work flow and user analysis.
  • Then we develop capacity strategy because there are chances to grow database continuously Unified Information Systems gives fullest attention to DBs capacity strategy planning that includes space utilization, standby facilities for possible applications/features adding and performance optimization options.
  • We provide user-friendly DB interfaces allowing effective database administration and data management.


In short, our services include:

  • Database design services
  • Database development services
  • Database interface development
  • Database migration services
  • Database maintenance


Web Application Firewall (WAF):

A WAF is an operational security control which monitors HTTP traffic in order to protect web applications from attacks.

The key elements in this definition are:

•Operational control – a WAF protects applications in real time, rather than hardening them or fixing them in advance.

•HTTP traffic – a WAF analyzes the traffic between the untrusted client and the web server.

•Protect web applications – WAFs protect web applications. Mostly custom written and very dynamic, web applications are in many cases vulnerable and not well protected by other solutions.


FortiWeb web application firewalls from Fortinet protect, balance, and accelerate your web applications, databases, and any information exchanged between them. Whether you are protecting applications delivered over a large enterprise, service provider, or cloud-based provider network, FortiWeb appliances will reduce deployment time and simplify security management.


Fortinet’s FortiWeb™ has passed ICSA Web Application Firewall Certification. The latest model being tested is FortiWeb 1000C. ICSA Labs certifications are evidence of FortiWeb’s commitment to uphold the industry’s highest security standards. Achieving this certification ensures that FortiWeb™ customers benefit from best practices in the security industry for all their Web application needs.


Features & Benefits

  • FortiWeb is the only product that provides a Vulnerability Scanner module within the web application firewall that completes a comprehensive solution for PCI DSS requirement 6.6
  • Guarantees security of web applications and secures sensitive database content by blocking threats such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflows, file inclusion, denial of service, cookie poisoning, schema poisoning, and countless other attacks
  • Aides in PCI DSS 6.6 compliance by protecting against OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities
  • Automatically and dynamically profiles user activity to create a baseline of allowed activity
  • Network and application layer DoS/DDoS protection
  • SSL encryption co-processing accelerates transaction times, offloads encryption functions, reduces web server processing requirements
  • Server load balancing and content-based routing increases application speeds, improves server resource utilization and stabilizes applications
  • Data Compression allows efficient bandwidth utilization and response time improvements

Real time data analysis provides an analytics interface that helps organizations analyze their web application usage from multiple vectors and maps requests to their geographic location



Law Enforcement Solution

Unified Information Systems can provide integrated system solutions using biometrics for both government and commercial.       It is our vision to provide the highest quality Identification systems, products and services with unparalleled innovation, accuracy and speed.

We offer our customers state-of-the-art system solutions allowing them to be leaders in their own fields.           We are a leading provider of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, or AFIS, and other fingerprint biometric solutions to governments, law enforcement agencies and other organizations worldwide.

Our solutions enable customers to capture fingerprint images electronically, encode fingerprints into searchable files and accurately compare a set of fingerprints to a database containing potentially millions of fingerprints in seconds. For over fourteen years, we have researched, designed, developed and marketed fingerprint biometrics technologies that incorporate advanced concepts in fluid dynamics, neural networks, image enhancement, data mining and massively parallel processing.

Our proprietary software algorithms, together with optimized hardware, enable our customers to cost-effectively achieve what we believe to be industry-leading accuracy rates and performance.

We support the latest standards in fingerprint biometrics and have based our systems on cost-effective industry-standard hardware and software platforms. We are focused on enabling our customers to expand the capabilities of their systems as their biometric needs evolve.




Software Application Development

 We are specialize in Software Application Development in several areas in Energy, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Chemicals, Engineering & Materials, provides us with a grounded understanding of specific business challenges facing global companies. While the reason for our existence is articulated by our Mission, our vision reflects an aspiration to continually improve, to excel & be the best. Our values characterize us as an organization & guide our every action.

 Consulting:  Includes consulting as an integrated part of any assignment to its customers in different industry segments.

 IT Services: Application development and maintenance services over the entire IT application life cycle including migration and re-engineering, e-commerce and internet services, testing services, architecture and technology consulting, systems integration, as well as packaged software implementation across multiple industry and technology domains.

 Asset Based Solutions: Utilizing its proprietary software assets to deliver solutions to clients in specific industries and licensing several software intellectual property rights. Besides providing IT solutions to its clients, we develop and market a variety of products across diverse industries including products such as the Hospital Management System, eIBS, NCS, FIG and Quartz for the banking and financial services industry, CemPac for the cement industry and also software development tools such as MasterCraft, Assent, DataClean and Infrex

 IT Infrastructure: – Offer services including complete outsourcing of IT networks, consulting and integration, hardware support and installation, and infrastructure management.

 Engineering and Industrial Services :- Offer a range of engineering services, embedded software and R&D services to diverse clients, assisting in new product development and product lifecycle management through services in the areas of product design, simulation, engineering drafting, computer-aided engineering design and manufacturing, product data management and customization of engineering software.

 BPO :- We offer a variety of transaction based IT enabled services. These include inbound call centers, back office support, engineering services and database services. Our  focus in this space is on transactional services, 24×7 for client needs from various geographies, ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery

While the value of information technology as an efficiency enhancing business tool remains constant; its application requires a thorough understanding of specific industries & business processes.

We provide services & solutions to customers across the following industries:

  1. Banking & Financial Services
  2. Insurance & Telecom
  3. Manufacturing & Media & Entertainment
  4. Retail & Consumer Goods & Transportation
  5. Healthcare and life sciences & Energy and utilities
  6. E-Government solutions





WEB Design & Development



We specialize in the design and development of customized web sites for international business houses worldwide.  No matter what your current needs, we have the experience to carry out any task related to web site designing and bring your products and services online with absolute professional touch. Our affordable pricing makes us the clear choice for those seeking a feature-packed, technology-driven Internet presence. No matter what your needs, a single-page site or 1000-page dynamic portal, Unified Information Systems can best accommodate you.


Unified Information Systems  Service Offerings

 Organizations aim to capture and maintain a leading position in today’s business environment. Through application development, organizations manage relationships with suppliers, partners and customers. Unified Information Systems can provide a complete spectrum of customized applications for our clients. We follow a certain methodology for application development:-

  • Conduct a system study to identify client specifications and requirements.
  • Prepare a proposal representing the requirements of the client.
  • On approval of the proposal, we develop the application through joint stipulation of responsibilities.
  • A blue print of the application is submitted to get a final approval of the application.
  • The application is made live.



Unified Information Systems provide paperless census solution based on Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) / IPAD & Android devices

We offer our expertise to our clients by providing consultation and professional services in the domain

  • PDA/IPAD/Android based survey solutions.
  • Online GPRS based online synchronization with back office database and systems.
  • Offline data capturing in case GPRS is not available.
  • Designing and building backend databases with auditing and monitoring reports including dashboards.
  • Online data validation.
  • G.I.S Distribution
  • Integrating with data warehouses and BI solution

Unified Information Systems has an extensive expertise in Mobile, iPhone, Palm and Pocket PC enterprise where the users are benefitted with most efficient services using efficient & rich functionalities. We have designed the solid applications, icons, themes, games and many more.

We ensure you at every level and provide complete turnkey development to our clients. Our energized team is always motivated to deliver the best risen solutions in mobile world.

We offer a standard and a step by step approach to solution based consulting. We identify the problem situation, specify roles and responsibilities of people negotiate on the budget and fix the timeline of the project. We test the possible causes for the problem and take client suggestions. A number of solutions are generated and the impact of each solution is analyzed to choose the right alternative that provides benefits for the company. Lastly we provide consultancy advises on the resources required, skills to be added, structural changes needed etc.