Unified information Systems

i-Census Specialty

Automate general Census of Population, Housing, and Establishment collecting, processing, tabulation and dissemination of digital data coverage, without omission or duplication

The main objective is to produce detailed data on:

  • Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the population.
  • Composition and conditions of households.
  • Statistics and characteristics of building.

Unified Information Systems aims to automate all procedures that are related to families, establishments and buildings data collection by using IPAD/PDAs, in addition to using maps to facilitate data collection process and to check their accuracy. Also this system enables defining the geographical region for each researcher by using (GPS).

The main objectives are

  • To provide programs and machines to facilitate collecting comprehensive data free of mistakes as much as the researcher can, by using maps and applying business rules if available.
  • Distinguishing buildings that are visited from those that are not yet by using maps and codes.
  • Treating data directly once entered into PDA/IPAD/ANdroid
  • Speeding up transferring data process between PDA/IPAD/Android database and central PDA/IPADs by (Synchronization).
  • Auditing entered data in case of necessity, such as sending warning messages when exceeding the highest number of real estates in the building.
  • Adding helping fields for each field in a way that enables the researcher pressing on the field so that the helping tool will appear.

Unified Information Systems has the capability with the customer team put together with functional and technical specifications that match system actual needs should be developed, and this will help specialized teams in the project studying these specifications and either approve or develop them.

i-Census will provide a measure of the extent of over- and under-coverage of the population count.

  • Provide Census counts of the population across different regions.
  • Provide information (including metadata) in suitable formats on the size and distribution of the population with associated demographic, household, social and economic characteristics.
  • Provide housing information derived from information used to find Housing Units.
  • Provide a dataset that can be used to develop frames appropriate for the future conduct of social and household surveys


Unified Information Systems  Business Models:

Time & Material:

This model helps to predict the scope, specification, implementation and effort involved at the outset of a project. Under this model, monthly/weekly fees are ascertained as per the use of the hourly development efforts. We work completely till end, utilizing the best efforts along with reports maintenance of every minute work processed. Our project management and reporting method ensures exact hours spent on project with quick access to resources. A separate unique team and infrastructure will be offered to you balancing team size and project load. Our Clients are provided with knowledgeable, skilled, motivated, energetic and competent consultants who work seamlessly as part of client teams to provide quality solutions. We focus on delivering tremendous output and constancy in every diminutive work.

Fixed Price:

Fixed price based model is for the projects which are clearly defined with its scope, schedule and requirements of project offering low risk and cost effective solutions. This model ensures on time delivery with proper specification meeting deadlines with determined budget set out at time of contracting. Depending on the requirement we provide you skilled IT expertise professionals. We focus on cost saving benefits, established business practices with sufficient man power to perform task valuing fixed price and time.

Hire Dedicated Team/Developer:

We provide facility to select a dedicated developer/team of your choice sitting over there, who exclusively works only for you focusing on your desired goal. It can be changed in size or skill as per your requirement without any administrative overhead of managing or enabling with required infrastructure. We sternly maintain the security by mutually sharing the ideas, design legalizations, developmental process, and extra requirement for any typical project. We believe in ideal time delivery with stated price and resources benefiting competitive advantages.

On-site Development Model:

Our team ensures optimized cost & higher efficiency at every stage which suits to different requirements of clients varying with different nature of projects. Our full time resources are available to you in this mode at your business location (onsite) anywhere in the world. In this mode, full time resources that are handpicked by you according your requirements. Once you have selected a resource compatible with your requirement, the resource works at your onsite location for any software development activities, be it web development, custom application development, quality assurance, or project management. A significant advantage of this mode is that you have complete control over project management and can utilize our resources according to the peak and troughs of your requirements. Our onsite development team assures highly skilled resources, with good grasp over client’s business domain

Dedicated Development Centre Model:

Clients looking for long term gains from offshore outsourcing usually prefers this model, in which time is pre-determined, managing and controlling the project flow from the teams operating from the development centre. The term, “DDC” includes product development, project & product competence development, research & Development, software maintenance & support, application and quality assurance establishing captive operations together. Project budgeting is pre – decided or almost fixed on the basis of reserved resources & clients explicit business objectives.

Execution and Delivery Process

Every step along the system development life cycle has its own risks and a number of available techniques to improve process discipline and resulting output quality and here we have the expertise to manage even large systems with ease while maintaining efficiency and quality.

Software Development Methodology (SDM):

A software development methodology refers to the framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system.

Unified Information Systems custom application development process encompasses all the phases of software development life cycle (SDLC), starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet the service levels on the most critical CTQ parameters of ‘on time’, ‘within budget’ and ‘defect free’ application development.

Our suite of Application Development outsourcing service offerings includes:

Offshore product development

Custom application development

New application development

Rapid application development.


Unified Information Systems  Application Development methodology corresponds to ISO frameworks and assimilates best practices in the industry.

The salient features of our Application Development methodology are:

Integration of best of breed process and practices

Robust process with suitable entry / exit criteria for full life cycle or phase level solutions.

We adopt an elaborate Delivery Model for our Application Development projects.