Unified information Systems

Unified Communications


Unified communications improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.

Unified Messaging System

Unified Information Systems has the ability to build Unified Messaging and provides subscribers with the ability to stay in touch with all their message providers, whether they send information by means of voicemail, email or fax; the subscriber can receive that information on any available terminal anywhere, anytime. Unified Messaging provides subscribers with the ability to handle incoming information, from whatever source, in the manner which is most convenient at any specific moment in time – as a text message, as a voice message or as printed output – and reply in any format. As far as the subscriber is concerned, it frees the content of the message from the constraints of the format in which it was sent.

Interactive Voice Response System

Unified Information Systems can offer a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product to connect your customers, databases, telephones, and fax machines. Customers can call and receive answers to specific questions or place an order and receive faxed confirmation.  Any information stored in a database can be spoken or faxed to your customer via an IVR, providing individual attention to specific inquiries. Callers receive accurate responses without busy signals or holding, and your employees are freed up for more productive tasks


Fax Solution

Unified Information Systems has the ability to develop with state-of-the-art faxing capabilities that has revolutionized the way we fax. This server provides the perfect network fax solutions for all business sizes.  Superior client/server architecture enables to simultaneously handle complex fax conversions, record keeping, printing, and processing at the server. Client workstations are left free to do other quality tasks. A click of the mouse sends faxes and stores them on the network in a centralized database. Just fax and forget, always knowing you can retrieve, print, annotate, forward, or route your faxes again later. Our Solutions supports a complete suite of fax mail capabilities for inbound and outbound fax messaging. When you receive a fax, it is stored in your personal mailbox until you decide when and where to retrieve it. A number of automatic routing options are available, including DID, DTMF.  Sending a fax is just as secure–you fax directly from your computer. Simply choose the fax printer instead of your normal LAN printer, enter the fax number or choose the recipient from any ODBC-compliant phone book, and you’re done.  Your faxes will never linger at the fax machine again, ensuring confidential faxes stay confidential.  Additionally, billing codes can be assigned to allocate costs to customers or departments, and each fax has a unique document ID for further tracking.